Press Gallery: APSA members in the media

A roundup of blogs, articles, and interviews from APSA Members

October 5 to October 11, 2018                       

The APSA Press Gallery is a roundup of recent blogs, op-eds, podcasts, and interviews featuring political scientists. We are always eager to follow our members’ engagement online. Let us know what you are doing or reading with the hashtag #APSAPressGallery, or by email to

The Week in Writing

Recent blogs and op-eds authored by APSA members

Lisa Murkowski’s Unusual Vote on Kavanaugh, Explained

Jennifer Victor, Mischiefs of Faction, October 8, 2018

The Climate is Changing. Here’s How Politics Will Also Change.

Thomas Hale, Jessica F. Green, and Jeff D. Colgan, Monkey Cage, October 8, 2018

Citizens United is Fueling Outsider Candidates

Cory Manento, Mischiefs of Faction, October 8, 2018

Staff Have the Skills to Assist Congress, But They Need More Resources

Jennifer L. Selin and Hanna K. Brant,, October 9, 2018

In Texas, Beto O’Rourke is Staying Positive in His Bid to Unseat Senator Ted Cruz

Heather K. Evans, LSE USA Blog, October 10, 2018


Speaking Up: Political Scientists in the Media

Interviews, quotes, and podcasts featuring APSA members

UnDisciplined: The Political Scientist and the Photovoltaic Engineer [Audio]

By Matthew Laplante, featuring Alex Coppock, Utah Public Radio, October 5, 2018

How One School is Engaging the Next Generation in Politics

By Katy Tur, featuring Lorrie Frasure-Yokely, MSNBC, October 8, 2018

Controversial Candidate in Virginia Senate Race Could Affect House’s Balance of Power [Audio]

By Mallory Noe-Payne, featuring Stephen Farnsworth, NPR, October 8, 2018