OMB Seeks Input on First Management Learning Agenda

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is seeking researcher input on the first “learning agenda” to inform the Presidential Management Agenda. According to OMB, the learning agenda is intended to “focus leaders’ attention on building the research and evidence needed to solve big problems. This first PMA Learning Agenda will encourage collaboration and research to close evidence gaps within, beyond, and in partnership with the Federal Government.”

The draft learning agenda is available here. The OMB is collecting responses to the agenda from researchers here, asking for:

  • Links or citations to completed studies, literature reviews, or evidence reviews should inform future research on the questions raised in the draft agenda
  • Questions that should be added to the agenda
  • Questions in the agenda that should be reframed

The draft agenda includes proposed questions:

  • How can the Federal Government strengthen and empower its workforce, so it can best serve the American people?
  • How can the Federal Government deliver programs and services effectively and build trust?
  • How can the Federal Government advance equity and support underserved communities?

The deadline for input is January 31, 2022.