Short Course: #MeToo PoliSci

#MeToo PoliSci

Nadia Brown
Full Day

Started by Tarana Burke in 2007 to stand with young women of color who survived sexual assault, the MeToo campaign was intended to let women know that they were not alone. Today, the phrase is now a viral awareness campaign on social media that has inspired others to share their stories, stand in solidarity with survivors, and to challenge a culture of pervasive sexual assault and harassment. The Women’s Caucus will use #MeTooPoliSci to bring awareness to sexual harassment, assault and misconduct in our discipline. We seek to use our collective power to dispel the shame, embarrassment and secrecy that surrounds these issues. Stand with us.

This daylong event will feature panels, roundtables and a plenary session on helping to empower womyn and our allies to use their influence to combat sexual harassment and misconduct in our disincline.

This session will explore the multiple manifestations and implications of gendered biases in Political Science by “connecting the dots” between the sexual harassment described in the recent Report on 2017 APSA Survey on Sexual Harassment at Annual Meetings and other problematic issues in the discipline, particularly (1) problems like bullying and entitled and toxic forms of masculinity; (2) systematic discounting of and dismissiveness and derision toward work on gender and sexuality; (3) biases and inequities associated with things like hiring, teaching evaluations, service loads, and tenure and promotion; and (4) related and often intersecting forms of harassment, toxicity, and bullying, especially but not only those related to race and sexuality.

**All Short Courses will take place on Wednesday, August 29 at the APSA 2018 Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.**