Mentor First-Generation Scholars in the Profession

Become an APSA Mentor

APSA is seeking mentors to provide professional advice to undergraduates, graduate students, and junior faculty in the profession. We are especially seeking mentors with an interest or experience mentoring first generation scholars, individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, and individuals with a background in international relations, methods, or a focus on Latin American politics.

To sign up for the APSA Mentoring Program, please complete this application.


About the APSA Mentoring Program

The APSA Mentoring Program was created in 2003 and connects undergraduate, graduate students, and junior faculty from all backgrounds to experienced and senior members of the profession for professional development support on academic and career topics. The APSA Mentoring Program aims to connect students, scholars, and professionals seeking advice, support, and guidance with volunteer mentors in the discipline. APSA encourages members to share their expertise and experience through mentoring. Visit the APSA Mentoring webpage or contact us for more information.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Annalisa Dias-Mandoly, Program Coordinator for Diversity & Inclusion, or Dr. Kim Mealy, Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion Programs at