Meet Robert D. Alvarez, 2022 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient

Robert D. Alvarez is a Ph.D. student in the department of political science at the University of Houston. His research interests include political communication, public opinion, and political behavior, with a particular focus on the effects of mass media on political attitudes. While at the University of Houston, Robert has served as a teaching assistant for Latino Politics and Legislative Processes courses. He also serves as a research assistant working on Latino politics and legislative studies. Before beginning his doctoral studies, Robert worked as a journalist covering business and politics. His experience at the intersection of media and politics informs his research and motivates his continued efforts to better understand media’s political function within society. With the support of the Fund for Latino Scholarship, Robert plans to attend the 2022 APSA Annual Meeting to present his co-authored research on the election of Latino Republicans to state legislatures and attend panels in his research areas.

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