Meet Kristine Kay-Erkiletian, 2018 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient

Kristine Kay-Erkiletian is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of California, Berkeley affiliated with the Institute of Governmental Studies. This year she will also be a BELS Fellow through the Center for the Study of Law & Society. She studies American politics with a focus on the political psychology of social groups, including the relationship between in-group identification and emotions. Her work on race and class identification among Afro-Brazilians has been published in Politics, Groups and Identities, and her work on co-ethnic turnout appeared in The Journal of Politics. She has ongoing projects manipulating the strength of identification with racial and ethnic groups. The APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship will help her to investigate the effects of current policy proposals on strength of Latino group identification. Specifically, she will run a survey experiment investigating the effects of asking for national origin as part of the U.S. Census question on Latino identification with their racial/ethnic, national and partisan groups, and the concurrent effect on their sense of inclusion in American politics.

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