Meet Gabriela Vitela, 2018 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient

Gabriela Vitela is a PhD candidate in the political science department at Louisiana State University.  Her research interests include American politics, institutions, public policy, and race, gender and ethnicity.  Gabriela’s dissertation examines how women of color, particularly Latinas, navigate campaign finance. She will address how well Latinas are able to raise money to run for the House of Representatives.  She argues that current literature on how women and minorities fund campaigns fails to take into account the particularities of being both a woman and a racial or ethnic minority. Gabriela is a first generation scholar and a Chicana from Texas and enjoys sharing her experiences with her students.  She is currently on the job market and with the support of the Fund for Latino Scholarship will travel to Boston for the 2018 APSA Annual Meeting. There she will attend panels, meetings, and interviews, as well as meet and discuss possible research collaborations. Gabriela’s goal is to attain a tenure track position so that she may continue her research, teaching, and mentoring of other Latinas in higher education.

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