Meet Eduardo Salinas, 2019 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient

Eduardo Salinas is currently a doctoral candidate studying political science at The University of Illinois at Chicago. His research links issues of race, racism, Latino assimilation/immigration, public opinion, survey methodology, and policy preferences. His peer-reviewed published work can be found in Community Development, The Journal of Politics in Latin America, and The Routledge Companion to Race and Ethnicity (2nd ed., forthcoming 2020). Eduardo is also currently a Research Methodologist at The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago. While at NORC, he has worked most extensively on the General Social Survey (GSS) in a variety of roles. The 2019 APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship will contribute to Eduardo’s ongoing research into minority-on-minority racism, and its effects on Latino public policy preferences. Eduardo received his B.A. in International Studies from The University of North Texas before attending the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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