Meet DFP Spring Fellow, Hui-Yuan Neo, Cornell University

The APSA Diversity Fellows Program (DFP) is a fellowship competition for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds applying to or in the early stages of doctoral programs in political science. The DFP was established in 1969 (originally as the Black Graduate Fellowship) to increase the number of minority scholars in the discipline. Since its inception, the APSA DFP has designated more than 600 fellows and contributed to the successful completion of doctoral political science programs for over 100 individuals.

Hui-Yuan Neo is a second-year PhD student at Cornell University with a major in Comparative Politics. Her research interests include authoritarian politics, political economy, and political participation, with a regional focus on Southeast Asia. Her current project explores how advanced autocracies manage organizations that are economically useful but potentially politically destabilizing, such as foreign satellite universities and multinational corporations. She has conducted fieldwork in Indonesia and Singapore and has received funding to conduct fieldwork in Malaysia in the upcoming year. Before coming to Cornell, Hui-Yuan earned her BA in political science from the University of Michigan, where her senior thesis was awarded high honors. As a graduate student at Cornell, Hui-Yuan is on the executive board of Cornell’s Society for Asian and Asian American Graduate Affairs. After completing her PhD, she hopes to pursue a career in academia, where she aims to practice inclusive pedagogies and produce public scholarship. As an immigrant from Singapore, Hui-Yuan is also committed to advocating for underrepresented minorities, especially Southeast Asian Americans and immigrants.