Meet Chirasree Mukherjee, 2021 First Generation Scholar in the Profession

Chirasree Mukherjee is a doctoral candidate at the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University. She specializes in International Relations and Comparative Politics. Her dissertation grapples with intractable conflicts, especially those fought on religious grounds. She explores the variations within religious conflicts, especially among different religious causes and their effects on conflict intractability. Relying on both qualitative and quantitative analysis, she concentrates on conflicts between Hinduism and Islam in India to understand how the deep-seated religious cleavage between Hindus and Muslims germinate violence, resulting in intractable conflicts. Apart from her primary research interest in Religion and Conflict, she is also interested in International Terrorism, Democratization and Foreign Policy. She is the first woman in her family to pursue a doctoral degree and to travel overseas for higher education in United States. The First Generation Scholars Travel and Accessibility Grant has helped her participate as a first-time attendee at the 2021 APSA Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

About the APSA First Generation Scholar in the Profession Accessibility Grant
In 2015, the APSA Executive Council approved a new standing Committee on First Generation Higher Education Scholars in the Profession, parallel to the existing APSA status committees. The goal is to bring focused attention to the ways in which class, economic inequality, and mobility can affect political scientists’ ability to thrive educationally and professionally throughout their careers. The travel and accessibility grant is intended to support First Generation Higher Education Scholars in the Profession who attend the APSA Annual Meeting. Learn more.