Meet Angely Martinez, 2018 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient

Angely Martinez is a PhD candidate in political science at Syracuse University. Her research focuses on unrecognized states and their strategy of sovereignty. She visited her first unrecognized state in 2018(Northern Cyprus) and hopes to visit many more. With the generous support from the Fund for Latino Scholarship, Martinez hopes to conduct interviews with officials from unrecognized states. In addition to her primary research, Martinez is an IPSCON Junior Scholar. This program brings together senior faculty with policy experience and graduate students hoping to have a policy career. At the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, she contributes to the Global Blackspots Project, which tracks areas around the world governed by transnational criminal organizations, insurgents, and terrorists. Before coming to Syracuse, Martinez received her BA from the University of Alabama. She double majored in international studies and French, with a concentration in peace and conflict Studies. She hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico and was raised in Miami, Florida.

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