Meet 2020 Bunche Fellow, Camille Edwards

Camille Edwards, University of California

Camille Edwards is a junior at the University of California, Irvine majoring in political science. She is a resident advisor, Pre-Law Society member, and six-time Dean’s Honor List recipient. As a current Black Student Union co-chair, Camille is dedicated to her community as an organizer and advocate for marginalized students in addition to her involvement with numerous cultural resource centers on campus. Her research interests include critical race theory, radical political theory, and comparative government structures. Inspired by the variety of lived experiences of Black people oppressed by the cisheteropatriarchy, Camille is conducting her undergraduate honors thesis on Black feminism as part of the honors program. She plans to stay at UCI for a fifth year to obtain a second degree in sociology. After graduation, Camille will enroll in an interdisciplinary PhD program to research comparative political theory as well as the relationship between media, resistance movements, and the carceral state.

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