Meet 2020 APSR Editor, Kelly M. Kadera of University of Iowa

Kelly M. Kadera is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Iowa and Director of International Programs’ Academic Programs. Her research often uses dynamic models to understand international conflict processes, focusing on war contagion, power relationships, global democratic peace, democratic survival, gender and violence, and gender in the academy. Her research has appeared in the American Journal of Political Science, Conflict Management and Peace ScienceInternational Studies Quarterly, the Journal of Conflict ResolutionInternational Interactions, and International Studies Perspectives, and she has won the APSA’s Best Book in Conflict Processes Award (2000-2001) and the ISA’s Susan Northcutt Award (2016). She is a former co-editor and associate editor of International Studies Review; she has served on several editorial boards; and, as a founder of Journeys in World Politics and the inaugural organizer of Pay it Forward, she has led mentoring workshops for junior female scholars of international politics.