Meet 2020-2021 APSA Congressional Fellow Mietek Boduszyński of Pomona College

Meet Mietek Boduszyński, PhD, Pomona College

Mietek Boduszyński is Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at Pomona College in Claremont, California, where he teaches courses on U.S. Foreign Policy, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Mietek’s research focuses on U.S. foreign policy, democratization and democracy promotion. He has published two books—Regime Change in the Yugoslav Successor States (Johns Hopkins 2010) and U.S. Democracy Promotion in the Arab World (Lynne Rienner 2019)—and co-authored a research methods textbook. He is a frequent contributor of op-eds and commentaries to media venues such as Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, and Washington Post-The Monkey Cage. Prior to joining Pomona, Mietek served as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State with postings in Albania, Kosovo, Japan, Egypt, Libya, and Iraq. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, where his doctoral dissertation received APSA’s Juan Linz Award for Best Dissertation in Comparative Democratization.

Mietek hopes to use his time as an APSA Congressional Fellow to better understand Congress as a foreign policy actor as a way to enrich both his teaching and research. He is particularly interested in how Congressional activism can shape democracy and human rights promotion policies.

The American Political Science Association (APSA) Congressional Fellowship Program is a highly selective, nonpartisan program devoted to expanding knowledge and awareness of Congress. Since 1953, it has brought select political scientists, journalists, federal employees, health specialists, and other professionals to Capitol Hill to experience Congress at work through fellowship placements on congressional staffs.