Meet 2019 RBSI Scholar, Erika Gonzalez

Erika Gonzalez, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Erika Gonzalez is a first-generation, honors college senior at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), majoring in political science, and minoring in communication studies. She will graduate in December 2019. Ms. Gonzalez volunteers and translates at the Humanitarian Respite Center, the local immigrant shelter. Along with her participation in the Political Science Association (PSA) of UTRGV, she has also held two research internships on-campus developing a theory and research paper. The research focused on the effects of deindustrialization on social capital, which she presented at Southern Political Science Association, and is due to be presented at Midwestern Political Science Association. She plans on submitting this paper, in collaboration with her professors, for publication. She is also an Engaged Scholar Award (ESA) Recipient which is awarded to undergraduate students for research purposes. Erika plans on continuing her academic journey to earn a Ph.D. in Political Science, and study the effects of immigration on social cohesion.

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