Meet 2019 Centennial Center Research Grant Recipient Amber Knight

Dr. Amber Knight is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. She received funding from the Centennial Center Research Grants program for her workshop “Theorizing the Politics of Disability Research Workshop” from the Edward Artinian Fund.

Dr. Knight’s research places disability at the center of political theorizing to better understand the political nature of disability and the oftendisabling nature of our political arrangements. Her research has been featured in The Journal of Politics, Hypatia, and Politics, Groups, and Identities, among other outlets. 

The Theorizing the Politics of Disability Research Workshop was held at APSA’s headquarters in Washington D.C. in November 2019.

It brought together junior and senior scholars in political theory who share an interest in disability politics. Attendees presented disability-related scholarship and received feedback from other experts in the field. Several of the workshop participants are currently developing a special issue to showcase how a rich variety of intellectual issues are raised by analyzing disability as a political phenomenon. 

Dr. Knight is currently working on a book project, tentatively titled The Politics of Prenatal Genetic Screening: Promoting Reproductive Autonomy and Disability Justice,co-authored with Dr. Joshua Miller (UNCC). The guiding normative question of the book is: how can prospective mothers more autonomously decide whether they want to undergo prenatal testing, terminate a pregnancy following a positive result, carry the fetus to term, raise a child with a disability, or choose adoption? We argue that an adequate answer to this question must embed an analysis of choice in social context and attend to the ways in which wider social forces— like ableism— influence reproductive decision-making. 

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