Meet 2017 RBSI Scholar, Kamri Hudgins

Kamri Hudgins, University of Michigan

Kamri Hudgins is a third year student at the University of Michigan with honors. Her majors include political science and Afro-American studies with a minor in criminal justice. Throughout her college career, Kamri has developed a strong interest in the criminal justice system. She has done research in the area of mass incarceration and other aspects of the criminal justice system. Along with her scholastic endeavors, Kamri has a strong passion for mentorship and volunteering. By developing a mentoring organization that caters to young African American girls in middle school and volunteering at a group home for teen girls, Kamri is able to effectively give back to her community and encourage young girls to pursue a college education and develop skills that are crucial to their matriculation into adulthood. Upon her graduation in 2018 she plans to pursue a dual degree (PhD in political science and a JD with a focus on criminal law). In the future she aspires to advocate on behalf of oppressed groups and become a law professor. This will allow for the development of ground breaking research to assist in the fight for political, economic, and social equality for historically oppressed groups.

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