Meet 2017 RBSI Scholar, Andre Ross

Andre Ross, University of Houston

Andre Ross is a student at the University of Houston. After a career in business that spans for over a decade, he is currently majoring in political science with an emphasis on law and the effects of democratization. Andre is also currently interning at Outreach Strategists, a political consulting and public relations firm in Houston, Texas. He helps this firm connect needful communities with various resources. He has been an active member for clubs on campus such as UH Democrats and Phi Alpha Delta. His research interests have emphasized ways to observe how domestic and international legal institutions impact minority communities within the United States and developing countries across the globe. Mr. Ross is implementing work with Fe Y Justicia Worker Center, an organization committed to fighting human trafficking. In the future, Andre has plans to develop several research topics including the management of poverty and mass incarceration in the U.S., political economy of Latin America and Africa, and the development of authoritarian regimes. His ultimate goal is to become a professor while maintaining a role in exploring ideas that help develop underprivileged communities.

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