Meet 2017 MFP Fellow, Stefan Samuel Martinez-Ruiz

Stefan Samuel Martinez-Ruiz is a dual degree BA/MA student at Georgia State University.  Having earned a BA in political science, cum laude, this past August 2016, Stefan will complete his MA in political science in May 2017. His research focus is comparative and international political economy.  Stefan’s academic interests lie within the political economy of development, but more specifically methodologies and research around globalization and trade agreements, domestic institutions and trade, global North-South relations, and economic development strategies. Having collaborated with government and nonprofit entities interested in nurturing inclusive and sustainable development, Stefan’s future goals include researching, teaching, and advocating for ways governments and markets can better co-exist to produce more optimal outcomes for society. See all current MFP bios.

The 2017 APSA Spring Minority Fellowship Program for first and second year graduate students deadline for applications is March 31, 2017. Submit your application here.

About the APSA Minority Fellowship Program
The Minority Fellows Program (MFP) is a fellowship competition for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds applying to or in the early stages of doctoral programs in political science. The MFP was established in 1969 (originally as the Black Graduate Fellowship) to increase the number of minority scholars in the discipline. Each year, APSA awards up to 12 funded fellowships in the amount of $4,000. Learn more here.