Let’s Be Heard! : Political Science Research

Political Science Research: A Proposal for a New and Dynamic Outlet for Communicating Innovative Political Science Research

By Adam J. Berinsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

LetsBeHeardThe first article of Let’s Be Heard! Section II is a proposal for a new journal that would expand the scope of existing print journals, thereby allowing scholars to quickly communicate their research to a wider community in a more succinct format. The proposed journal Political Science Research will allow scholars in all subfields to present their work to a larger audience in new and exciting ways. Just as a 30-page article is a different way to convey ideas than a full-length book, a 3,000- to 4,000-word e-article is not the same type of communicative instrument as a 30-page print article. An e-article has the potential to be more visually dynamic because of the electronic interface. For example, a 3,000-word e-article can be linked to a long technical appendix for a piece of quantitative research. Similarly, a qualitative study could easily link to videos and primary texts. Regardless of their subfield or methodological orientation, researchers can use the electronic format to present their findings in different ways.

From the start, Political Science Research will be an important journal. By preserving the integrity of peer review in an innovative format, Political Science Research has the potential to make political science insights and discoveries more accessible, relevant, and valuable to broader audiences.

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