Let’s Be Heard: Incentivizing the Manuscript-Review System Using REX

Incentivizing the Manuscript-Review System Using REX

Diana C. Mutz, University of Pennsylvania

LetsBeHeardDiana C. Mutz declares that “the peer review process … plays an essential gatekeeping role by ensuring that the best research in the discipline is showcased in prominent publications.” The ideal is that peer review process helps improve communication between scholars, functions as quality control for research, and validates good research. Peer reviewers hold a high responsibility and give their time to perform this critical service.

But Dr. Mutz contends that not all scholars contribute equally. Her solution? “To provide incentives for reviewers,” she says, “I propose a review exchange (REX) system in which those submitting manuscripts to a journal must have accumulated credits by reviewing the work of others as ‘advance payment’ for their own submissions.” Dr. Mutz explains the pros and cons of the REX and concludes, “I believe the REX system has the potential to become a ‘win-win-win’ strategy.”

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