Leonard D. White Award Winner Announced

KBradley-11770Katharine Bradley is this years winner for the Leonard D. White Award. The Leonard D. White prize is awarded annually for the best dissertation successfully defended during the previous two years in the field of public administration.

The 2015 Leonard D. White Dissertation Award Committee has selected as its winner: Katharine Bradley’s Who Lobbies the Lobbyists? Bureaucratic Influence on State Medicaid Legislation. Dr. Bradley poses a novel question: do bureaucrats lobby interest groups? If so, how and under what conditions? To explore the question, she conducts interviews and telephone surveys with interest groups in 25 states. Her findings reveal that bureaucrats engage in indirect lobbying, defined as bureaucrats asking interest groups for lobbying assistance. Indirect lobbying is higher when gubernatorial budgetary power is weak and when state agency capacity is small; these relationships, in turn, are moderated by agreement on policy between interest groups, bureaucrats, and the governor’s office. The end result is an original contribution to theories of bureaucratic power and behavior, delivered using multiple methods that substantiate the significant ideas at hand.

Award Committee:
Leisha DeHart Davis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Manny Teodoro, Texas A&M University
Kelly LeRoux, University of Illinois, Chicago

Recipient: Katharine Bradley
Dissertation: “Who Lobbies the Lobbyists? Bureaucratic Influence on State Medicaid Legislation,” University of Michigan