Theme Panel: Is it Regime Change?

Is it Regime Change?: Comparative and Historical Reflections on the US

The Trump presidency has generated intense concern among political scientists about the suddenly all-too-real prospect of regime change in the United States, prompting the formation of working groups, surveys, and conferences, and leading to an outpouring of analysis and commentary. This roundtable draws from these disciplinary initiatives and provides useful reflections and insights into the state of American democracy on the eve of the historic 2018 federal and state elections. The panelists will take pains to place America’s democratic development in historical and comparative perspective. Indeed an essential aim of the roundtable is to bridge standard boundaries within the discipline and in doing that offer fresh insights into the larger theme of the annual meeting, democracy and its discontents.

Robert C. Lieberman, Johns Hopkins University (Chair)
Julia Rezazadeh Azari, Marquette University (Presenter)
Robert Mickey, University of Michigan (Presenter)
Thomas Pepinsky, Cornell University (Presenter)
Paul Pierson, University of California, Berkeley (Presenter)
Alvin B. Tillery, Northwestern University (Presenter)
Rick Valelly, Swarthmore College (Presenter)