In Memoriam: Will H. Moore III, ASU Scholar, Mentor, and Teacher

William H Moore III (Will), professor of politics and global studies at Arizona State University, died April 18 2017.  He received his PhD from the University of Colorado—Boulder and was previously a member of the political science faculties at the University of California—Riverside and Florida State University. Will is remembered as a brilliant scholar and, particularly, as a pioneer in the study of political violence. His research helped shepherd the quantitative study of human rights, state repression, and dissent into the mainstream of political science.

Most importantly, Will is remembered as a committed mentor, an inspirational teacher, a conscientious colleague, and a loyal friend. This was apparent to even those who knew him for only a short time. Will arrived at ASU in 2015; yet, his brief presence in the School of Politics and Global Studies had a profound impact on his colleagues, graduate students, and undergraduate students, all of whom are deeply saddened by his loss but grateful for the opportunity to have known and worked with him. The intellectual spirit he brought to the school and the encouragement and mentoring he provided to students and junior colleagues will be sorely missed. However, Will leaves behind hundreds of former students, colleagues, and friends—both at ASU and across the discipline—that have benefited from his high expectations, forthright feedback, biting wit, and generous soul.

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