Short Course: Gender, Resurgent Nationalism & Masculinist Politics in the U.S. & Europe

Gender, Resurgent Nationalism & Masculinist Politics in the U.S. & Europe

Malliga Och
1:30 pm – 5:30pm

This short-course focuses on cutting-edge research on gender and politics which responds to fast-moving political developments in the US UK and Europe. These include backlash against racial and gendered political progress and the resurgent rise of nationalism and masculinist politics on both sides of the Atlantic. Specific topics of interest include gender and the election of Donald Trump, as well as the outcome of the UK referendum on Brexit. This changing political climate has important gendered implications, ranging from the gendered effects of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, the challenges faced by women of color activists in populist Europe, and the trump administration’s effects on women and/or people of color. This short course will foster US/UK knowledge exchange on these topics, and will explore the links between populism, nationalism and gender on both continents. By including research which integrates the effects of race and gender throughout the program, the course will foster the development of intersectional work on race and gender, which has been an extremely important area of growth in recent years.
This short-course is being organized jointly by PSA and ASPA’s women and politics sections. The workshop is designed to a) respond to current political developments on both sides of the Atlantic, b) foster cross-national collaboration and knowledge-exchange between UK- and UK- based gender and politics scholars, and c) further the development of comparative frameworks for gender and politics research.

We are inviting anyone interested in contributing to the professional development of gender and politics scholars by focusing on the challenges and opportunities posed by working with women within local and national gendered institutions in both countries. During the short-course, participants and panelists will share sharing insights on gaining access to political institutions as well as reflecting on the issues faced by both female political actors and feminist scholars during a time of backlash and resurgent nationalism and masculinist politics.

**All Short Courses will take place on Wednesday, August 29 at the APSA 2018 Annual Meeting in Boston, MA.**

Recap: Gender, Resurgent Nationalism & Masculinist Politics in the US & Europe