Gary Herrigel, Professor in the Department of Political Science, Appointed to Named Professorships

herrigelGary Herrigel, Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago along with Sian Beilock, Professor in the Department of Psychology have been appointed to named professorships, was effective January 1, 2016.

Gary Herrigel was approved by the Provost to assume the Paul Klapper Professorship in the College and the Division of the Social Sciences, a professorship first established by President Robert M. Hutchins and Dean of the College F. Champion Ward in 1950 as a way of honoring senior scholars who provide especially important contributions to the work of general education in the College.

Gary Herrigel’s professional scholarship has focused on comparative political economy and alternative forms of governance in economic process and regulation throughout the developed and developing world. In addition to over 40 published articles, he has written two important books addressing industrial development, Manufacturing Possibilities:  Creative Action and Industrial Recomposition in the US, Germany and Japan (Oxford University Press, 2010), and Industrial Constructions: The Sources of German Industrial Power (Cambridge University Press, 1996), Currently, Herrigel is completing Globale Qualitätsproduktion und Globales Deutschland: MNCs, Rekursivität und Lokale Standort Wandlung, coauthored with Volker Wittke and Ulrich Voskamp.  His influential works are lauded by economists, historians, and political scientists, alike.

Visit Gary Herrigel’s web site for more information about his scholarship and teaching. Also, be sure to visit Sian Beilock’s web site for more information about books and to visit her blog.

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