Documentary Film: America’s Diplomats

America’s Diplomats

While in Philadelphia, APSA attendees had the opportunity to preview the Diplomacy Center Foundation and Foreign Policy Association’s new film, America’s Diplomats, in the city of Philadelphia’s new film venue in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the Michael A. Nutter Theatre. From Ben Franklin to Benghazi, America’s Diplomats takes you inside the Foreign Service and behind the scenes of U.S. Foreign Policy. The 54 minute film provided a fascinating look at the Foreign Service’s origins, the key players in its evolution, the day-to-day experience of foreign service officers around the world and the danger American diplomats face far from home. Interviews with Presidents and high-ranking political representatives and operatives along with actual officers provided unparalleled context in the role our diplomats play in shaping American history. View the Trailer.

The film was followed by a brief panel discussion and audience Q&A featuring, Ambassador Thomas E. McNamara, president of the Diplomacy Center Foundation, Ambassador William Harrop, Board Chair of the Diplomacy Center Foundation and Contributing Producer and David Heidelberger, Foreign Policy Association, Producer and Editor of America’s Diplomats.

The film’s DVD features a 20 minute version intended for use in educational settings and in the classroom.

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Year    : 2016
By    : Foreign Policy Association
Genre    : Documentary
Time    : 54 Minutes
Narrated by : Kathleen Turner