Diversity & Inclusion Program Spotlight: Progress Toward Tenure Review

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Arizona State University School of Politics and Global Studies: Progress Toward Tenure Review

The Progress Toward Tenure Review is an annual review that occurs at the beginning of the academic year. The Director of the School meets with each junior faculty member to discuss their planning for teaching, research and service for the year. While the discussion is anchored in these three workload categories, it also provides the opportunity for junior faculty to ask all sorts of questions related to their work and prospects for advancement toward tenure. It also allows the Director to provide feedback from the tenured faculty, as well as a socialization opportunity for the norms of the discipline and School.

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Academic Population Served: Faculty
Specific Groups Served:  all pre-tenure faculty
Program Goals: Retention, Advancement
Number of staff or faculty involved with the program: 5
Which college or university unit is primarily responsible for this program? School
Program time frame: Academic year
For how long has this program been in existence? Many years
Program Impact: This program provides a prospective planning session for the academic year that is then bookmarked by the more traditional, retrospective annual review at the end of the year. Junior faculty thus have a much better sense of expectations for their performance paired with evaluation of their work. Junior faculty who take full advantage of these opportunities should be well aware of where they stand in their path to tenure.
Contact: Dr. Cameron Thies, (cameron.thies@asu.edu) Professor and Director of the School of Politics and Global Studies