Department Profile: Drexel University

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Department of Politics, Drexel University

Chair: Richardson Dilworth
Degrees offered: BA, Political Science; MS, Environmental Policy; MS, Public Policy

Tell us about your department and faculty.

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, the Department of Politics at Drexel University is dynamic, research-active, and student-friendly. The research conducted by our faculty centers on two primary research clusters. Our International Law and Organizations research cluster focuses on the design, development, and effects of institutions, ranging from formal treaties and organizations to informal institutions and customary law. Our Social Movements and Contentious Politics cluster examines the political role of social movements, from protests and riots to insurgencies and political violence, with particular attention to marginalized peoples’ human rights. These research clusters reinforce our undergraduate plans of study and allow students to explore the discipline of political science in a more detailed fashion.

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Tell us about your undergraduate program and students.

The BA in political science combines rigorous methods training with issue-specific courses, in which students apply their methodological training to real-world problems. Our students can specialize in one of three tracks: American Politics and Policy, International Politics, and Law and Politics. In addition to political science coursework, students complete four quarters (one full year) of language study. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to learn in the classroom and beyond it through Community-Based-Learning courses and various research opportunities, including the STAR Scholar Summer for freshmen. Students also participate in Drexel’s well-known co-op program, where they gain valuable hands-on work experience.

The relatively small size of our program allows us to give personalized attention to our students. Our rigorous methods training, language requirements, and well-rounded curriculum help students acquire skills that prepare them for a variety of career paths.

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