2020 Elections

Is There a Catholic Vote and Does It Matter?

Catholics are the largest religious group in the United States comprising roughly 23% of the population. While they are concentrated in the Northeast, there are also sizable populations of Catholics throughout the upper Midwest (the […]

Diversity & Inclusion

APSA Resources on Systemic Racism & Social Justice

Political scientists have long examined the linkages between race, power, governance, social injustice and oppression. This scholarship has made an invaluable contribution to our discipline and to public discourse. APSA has gathered a collection of […]

2020 Elections

Campaigning in a Crisis: Political Communication and Rhetoric during COVID-19

Political analysts and commentators have frequently described Donald Trump’s political communication and rhetoric as unprecedented. Yet during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Trump’s communication and rocky relationship with the press has come under new scrutiny. […]