PS: Political Science and Politics

Elections as Theater

Mark Chou, Roland Bleiker,Nilanjana Premaratna Elections can make for great theater. Uncertain and performative affairs by design, electoral politics have been known for producing the type of twists and turns equal to the best dramas. Mesmerized, […]

PS: Political Science and Politics

Assessing Over Time: The Political Science Program Review

Michelle D. Deardorff Michelle D. Deardorff (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) discusses the process of program review within political science departments, including a site visit from an external reviewer, from the perspective of someone who […]


Simulating the Bargaining Model of War

by Kyle Haynes This article outlines a classroom simulation for teaching the bargaining model of war. This model has become one of the most important theories of international conflict, but the technical notation often used to […]