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Perspectives on Politics

Rethinking the Political Science Fiction Nexus: Global Policy Making and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Charli Carpenter A burgeoning literature in IR asserts there is a relationship between pop cultural artifacts and global policy processes, but this relationship is rarely explored using observational data. To fill this gap, I provide […]

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Narratives of Fear in Syria

Wendy Pearlman Scholarship on Syria has traditionally been limited by researchers’ difficulty in accessing the reflections of ordinary citizens due to their reluctance to speak about politics. The 2011 revolt opened exciting opportunities by producing […]


Perspectives on the Arab Spring: Five Years Later

Syria; February 2, 2014: Demonstration against the Syrian regime in the Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood in the city of Aleppo. (Photo Credit: Jalal Almamo) In January 2011, a revolutionary chain of uprisings shook the Middle East […]