Lisa Baldez Wins the Victoria Shuck Award

The Victoria Schuck Award is given annually for the best book published on women and politics. The 2015 Victoria Schuck Award committee recognizes Defying Convention: U.S. Resistance to the U.N. Treaty on Women’s Rights (Cambridge) […]


American Political Science Association’s 2015 Heinz Eulau Award Winner

The American Political Science Association’s 2015 Heinz Eulau Award was given to Carles Boix (Princeton) and Frances Rosenbluth (Yale) for their piece “Bones of Contention: The Political Economy of Height Inequality” in February’s edition of the American Political Science Review. […]


Remembering John H. Romani

John H. Romani, age 90, of Ann Arbor, Michigan passed away on July 8 of natural causes. After serving in World War II, he received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Government from the University of […]


Federal GLOBE founder Len Hirsch dies at 59

Leonard P. “Len” Hirsch, a senior policy adviser at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington for 26 years and founder of the organization representing LGBT employees of the federal government known as Federal GLOBE, died June […]