(Un)Conventional Wisdom and Presidential Politics: The Myth of Convention Locations and Favorite-Son Vice Presidents

by David Schultz (Hamline University) Conventional wisdom and “old politicians’ tales” pervade  presidential politics, even in 2016.  Among widely held  tales by politicians and the media are two beliefs.  First, that a political party’s placement of […]


Campaigning Online: Web Display Ads in the 2012 Presidential Campaign

By Andrew O. Ballard (Duke University), D. Sunshine Hillygus (Duke University) and Tobias Konitzer (Stanford University) Although much of what we know about political advertising comes from the study of television advertising alone, online advertising is an increasingly prominent […]

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PS Announces 2016 Cover Contest

The editors of PS: Political Science & Politics are announcing a cover contest for the October issue of PS. Do you have a knack for political illustration? An eye for political comics? Some skill with […]


History Made: The Rise of Republican Tim Scott

By Scott H. Huffmon (Winthrop University), H. Gibbs Knotts (College of Charleston), and Seth C. McKee (Texas Tech University) In a time of unprecedented racial polarization in partisan voting, and in the staunchly Republican Deep South state of […]


Book Review: Sanford Schram’s “The Return of Ordinary Capitalism: Neoliberalism, Precarity, Occupy”

Book Review: Sanford Schram’s The Return of Ordinary Capitalism: Neoliberalism, Precarity, Occupy Eva Bertram, Associate Professor of Politics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Abstract: Sanford Schram’s The Return of Ordinary Capitalism: Neoliberalism, Precarity, Occupy (Oxford University Press, […]