Career Paths

How to Search for an Alternative Academic Job

If you’ve decided to search for jobs beyond faculty positions (which include a wide array of careers, including those in a college or university setting), you might be wondering where to find those academic-friendly positions. […]

Career Paths

Dr. Maria Puerta-Riera Talks about the Benefits of a Career at a Community College & How COVID-19 is Likely to Affect These Institutions

Dr. Maria Puerta-Riera is a political scientist with a doctorate in cultural studies, dedicated to political analysis, specializing in issues related to democracy in Venezuela and Latin America. She is currently teaching social sciences (Research Techniques in Social […]

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Community Colleges

PBS News Hour Spotlights LaGuardia Community College

 PBS News Hour Spotlights LaGuardia Community College by Nichole Shippen, LaGuardia Community College Political science PhDs are increasingly teaching in tenure track positions at community colleges across the United States. For this reason, the American […]