Can Employment Reduce Lawlessness and Rebellion?

Can Employment Reduce Lawlessness and Rebellion? A Field Experiment with High-Risk Men in a Fragile State Christopher Blattman and Jeannie Annan States and aid agencies use employment programs to rehabilitate high-risk men in the belief that […]

American Political Science Review

APSR Frequently Asked Questions

The APSR will be implementing new manuscript submission guidelines to promote transparency and interpretability in the journal. To accompany the guidelines, the editors have prepared this list of frequently asked questions. Q1: How will APSR […]


“A Black Sister to Massachusetts”: Latin America and the Fugitive Democratic Ethos of Frederick Douglass

by Juliet Hooker The aim of this article is to read Frederick Douglass as a theorist of democracy. It explores the hemispheric dimensions of Douglass’ political thought, especially in relation to multiracial democracy. Douglass is generally […]