Call for Submissions for Special Issue of JPSE: Dealing with Explosive Issues in Today’s Classroom

Journal for Political Science Education — Call for Submissions for Special Issue

Dealing with Explosive Issues in Today’s Classroom

Teaching political science can be challenging for many reasons.  We often discuss topics that students have a vested interest in, subjects that can be very upsetting for some students, or topics about which students may vociferously disagree. For this special issue of the Journal of Political Science Education, we are looking for submissions (systematic quantitative or qualitative studies, case studies, or reflections) that investigate how political science educators can deal with a variety of explosive issues that arise in classroom discussions as well as explosive issues that are at the core of syllabi in political science. Specifically, we are looking for manuscripts that focus on novel, effective approaches to these issues as well as how educators deal with challenges as they arise organically in class related to:

  • Teaching about race, sex, gender, and discrimination
  • Teaching in contentious political times
  • Teaching about when our methods go awry (or show unexpected results)
  • Teaching during time of fear

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, or have questions or suggestions, please contact the editors at Learn more at