Call for Proposals: APSA’s Open Access Journal

New Free, Online-only Publication

[Download – 371KB PDF]

The American Political Science Association (APSA) seeks proposals for the editor or editorial team of a new, open access journal, yet to be named. This (online-only) journal will be free of all paywalls or subscription requirements, meaning that it will be accessible to anyone in the world with an Internet connection.

The first editor or editorial team will have the exciting opportunity to contribute to innovation in knowledge production and dissemination in political science. From its inception, this new publication will be a high-quality, peer-reviewed journal offering an outlet for cutting-edge, rigorous scholarship from across the discipline. The open access journal should reflect the substantive and methodological diversity of political science and will offer an opportunity for the quick and timely dissemination of political science research, thus fostering greater public engagement by the discipline and promoting visibility and impact for authors. This new journal builds on APSA’s other journals to disseminate political science research worldwide.

Prospective applicants have a great opportunity to offer a compelling vision for the journal, including innovations in the review process, transparency, public engagement, and the relationship to other APSA journals. Moreover, the online-only format should provide opportunities to leverage new technologies for the presentation of research findings. The editor or editorial team will shape the form and new identity of the journal from its anticipated launch in 2016 through its early development.

Details on the open access journal proposal from Steven Rathgeb Smith, APSA Executive Director, are located here.

The search committee encourages applicants to submit a statement of interest and their vision for the open access journal, along with CVs. Relevant criteria for the editorship are scholarly achievement, breadth of interests, strategic vision, and organizational ability. A statement of host institutional support should also accompany the application. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2016. Application materials should be sent to Steven Rathgeb Smith, APSA Executive Director, at

The search committee, chaired by Evan S. Lieberman, MIT, includes Lisa Garcia Bedolla, University of California, Berkeley; Melani Cammett, Harvard University; James Druckman, Northwestern University; Jane Green, University of Manchester; Melissa Schwartzberg, New York University; and Michael Tomz, Stanford University. APSA President Jennifer Hochschild, Harvard University and APSA Executive Director Steven Rathgeb Smith serve on the committee ex officio.

For questions about the journal or the application process, contact Steven Rathgeb Smith at