Call for Papers: The Failure Issue of JPSE

The editors of the Journal of Political Science Education invite submissions for a special issue dedicated to all those great ideas that just didn’t work.  We might call them failed experiments, mishaps, or just unfulfilled expectations. While negative results rarely get reported in academia, they are even more important when it comes to how we teach our students. Ever flipped the classroom in order to have students flip out? Or spent weeks incorporating an active learning module only to have test scores drop? If you have ever tried a new approach, technique or new material and it did not produce the expected results, this is the issue for you.  Submissions can be systematic studies (quantitative or qualitative) on the outcomes of pedagogical tools that didn’t produce the expected results or reflective essays on the opportunities, accomplishments, and/or challenges inherent in incorporating new pedagogical approaches into one’s teaching. The editors also welcome submissions on other topics related to the teaching of political science, broadly construed, for inclusion in regular issues of the journal.

The deadline for submitting a manuscript for the special issue is January 2, 2019.

For full information on submitting to JPSE, please click here.