Call for Papers: PS Symposium on Strategies for How Men Can Advance Gender Equity in Political Science

In 2018, the APSA Presidential Task Force on Women’s Advancement held a Diversity and Inclusion Hackathon. The goal of the hackathon was to workshop a variety of strategies for fostering a climate of inclusiveness in political science. One of the topics was how men can advance gender equality in the profession. The main project outcome from this track was a set of specific ideas that participants organized into 10 categories:

  1. Advocacy / Recognize achievements
  2. Inclusive networks
  3. Women as journal editors / positions of power
  4. Stand up
  5. Respect and know gender research / diversify syllabi
  6. Better systems
  7. Check privilege, check biases
  8. Hiring more women / Better systems
  9. Avoid manels / Model behavior
  10. Transparency on conditions

The summary of results and full documents can be found here on PS Now.

We are proposing a symposium in ​PS: Political Science & Politics​ that builds on the work of the Hackathon. Specifically, we are seeking short papers, no more than 1,500 words, that address one or more of the 10 categories and provide specific advice for how men can advance gender equality in political science. We are particularly interested in articles written by diverse teams of scholars, including scholars with various marginalized identities, scholars of varying rank (particularly senior male colleagues), and genders. This is an opportunity for men in the profession to help chart a way forward as advocates for inclusiveness. We will also be assembling a diverse set of reviewers for the articles. We see the review process as a collaborative one, where reviewers will provide feedback and we will work together with authors on any needed revisions. This symposium is intended as a collaborative effort aimed at improving the climate within political science.

Please submit an abstract that situates your contribution within the framework developed at the Hackathon, noting the aforementioned category or categories your paper will address. Abstracts are due February 1, with full papers due by March 13. If you are interested in contributing on a topic, but do not have a team to work with, we are happy to connect scholars of similar interests. Contact Daniel J. Mallinson and Rebecca D. Gill at​ and ​​.