Oliviero Angeli, Cosmopolitanism, Self-determination and Territory: Justice within Borders

Margaret Moore, Queen’s University, Canada

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Book Review: Political Theory

Oliviero Angeli’s Cosmopolitanism, Self-determination and Territory is an intelligent and thoughtful contribution to the recent burgeoning literature on territory from what he describes as a cosmopolitan perspective.

This book does not offer a complete theory of territory in the sense that it does not discuss all aspects of territory—it does not discuss either boundary-drawing or secession, for example. But it offers a theory of territorial right, grounded in the interests of collective or democratic self-determination, and links this with rights over territory, understood as proprietary control over immigration (the right to exclude from the territory) and control over natural resources. The addressees of the former right are the individuals within the territory, and the addressees of the second type of right (rights over territory) are people outside the territory. The terminology of territorial rights and rights over territory is unique to Angeli, though many theorists employ similar kinds of distinctions to make similar points about the separability of these different elements. (Simmons 2003 and Miller 2012).

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