APSA Welcomes 2017 Nominees for Council

The APSA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce its 2017 nominees for APSA Council. Each has agreed to serve if elected.

The call for nominations was circulated among the membership, and outreach specifically to APSA committees and organized sections was conducted. The committee made its decisions after careful deliberation and consideration for the diversity of the field and the varied interests of political scientists. The candidates, along with any additional nominations from the membership, will be put to a vote by the full membership via electronic ballot in July. Please check back for additional information about the nominees and the election process.

The 2016-2017 nominating committee is Terri Givens, Menlo College (Chair); Christopher Gelpi, Ohio State University; Fred Harris, Columbia University; Tarek Masoud, Harvard University; Jennifer Merolla, University of California, Riverside; Jennifer Pitts, University of Chicago.

APSA Council Nominees

Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania 2017 2018
Vice President
Evelyne Huber, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 2017 2018
Pippa Norris, Harvard University and University of Sydney 2017 2018
Gary Segura, University of California, Los Angeles 2017 2018
Thomas Pepinsky, Cornell University 2017 2020
Joseph Carens, University of Toronto 2017 2020
Lisa Garcia-Bedolla, University of California, Berkeley 2017 2020
Lilly J. Goren, Carrol University 2017 2020
Simon Jackman, University of Sydney 2017 2020
Matthew Kocher, Yale University 2017 2020
Erin Richards, Cascadia College 2017 2020
Valeria Sinclair-Chapman, Purdue University 2017 2020
Laura Sjoberg, University of Florida 2017 2020
Carol Weissert, Florida State University 2017 2018