APSA Summer Centennial Center Research Grants – Applications Now Open!

Each year, the APSA Centennial Center offers over $100,000 in funding to APSA members through its Spring and Summer Centennial Center Research Grant programs. The deadline to submit applications is June 15, 2021.

Summer Centennial Center Research Grants are open to all APSA members. Grants are supported by a set of endowed funds, some of which target their support to specific research topics, including gender, race, and politics, electoral politics, Asian politics, international politics, democracy and self-governing systems, legislative politics, and more. The largest of these endowed funds is open to support research in any area of the political science discipline.

The summer application deadline also offers a limited number of grants for mini-conferences, workshops, and other collaborative projects.

  • Maximum grant amount for research: $2,500
  • Maximum grant amount for conferences, workshops, etc.: $10,000


In order to provide additional support to our members during the current crisis, the Centennial Center is making research grants more flexible by expanding the categories of costs eligible for funding. Eligible costs for the 2021 funding cycle include:

  • Research costs associated with data collection, including costs of conducting interviews and surveys, access to archives, and more.
  • Salary support for PIs and/or research assistants
  • Per diems regardless of travel/location
  • Research software and hardware, including statistical software, productivity software, and devices necessary for scholars with disabilities to conduct their research.
  • And more! We recognize that APSA members may have research needs not included in the above list. If you have a cost that is not listed here, please contact us at centennial@apsanet.org.

Learn more about the Summer Centennial Center Research Grant and apply here. Interested in learning about other APSA grant opportunities? Visit www.apsanet.org/grants.