APSA Mentor Spotlight: Dr. Liza Mugge

During the month of May, APSA recognizes the service and contributions of APSA mentors. The APSA Mentoring Program was created in 2003 and connects undergraduate, graduate students, and junior faculty from all backgrounds to experienced and senior members of the profession for professional development support on academic and career topics. Read the mentor spotlight below:


Dr. Liza Mugge, associate professor of political science, University of Amsterdam: “It is a real honor to serve this important program and I am very pleased to hear that it proves to be helpful for the mentees.”

“My mentor, Dr. Liza Mugge helped me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my CV, and gave me a clear idea about the steps I could take to remain competitive in the job market. I also benefited a lot from her advice on co-authorship issues.” Gizem Arikan, mentee, Yasar University

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