APSA Mentor Spotlight: Dr. James McHugh

During the month of May, APSA recognizes the service and contributions of APSA mentors. The APSA Mentoring Program was created in 2003 and connects undergraduate, graduate students, and junior faculty from all backgrounds to experienced and senior members of the profession for professional development support on academic and career topics. Read the mentor spotlight below:

Dr. James McHugh, professor of political science, fellow and director of academic planning, Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, University of Akron:

“I am very glad to have been able to make contributions to the mentorship program. This is the third time that I’ve had an opportunity to serve as a mentor and each experience has been rewarding. Indeed, I continue to serve as a mentor for Dr. Rajesh Kumar, who has been able to advance his career despite the severe challenges that he has experienced while teaching in India’s poorest state of Uttar Pradesh. The APSA mentorship program has been particularly valuable for struggling international scholars such as him and I am very pleased to have participated in it.”

 “Dr. James McHugh has been a wonderful APSA mentor, providing me with invaluable advice on pursuing a career in academia. I have particularly appreciated his insights into working and publishing at the intersection of political science and international law and his friendly willingness to answer all my questions in depth.” Jonathan Crock, APSA mentee, PhD candidate, Leiden University

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