APSA Awards: Submit Nominations for the 2020 James Madison Award Due Friday

One of the many important roles of the American Political Science Association (APSA) is recognizing excellence in the political science profession.  The APSA makes awards for the best dissertations, papers and articles, and books in the various subfields, and for career achievement in research, teaching and service to the discipline.  These awards will be presented at the 2020 APSA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

The James Madison Award and Lectureship honors an American political scientist who has made a distinguished scholarly contribution to political science. The triennial award carries a cash prize of $2,000, and the recipient delivers a lecture at the APSA Annual Meeting. Submit a nomination here!

About the 2017 Award Recipient

Deborah Stone is currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University, and an Honorary Professor of Political Science at Aarhus University in Denmark. A specialist in health and social policy, she is the author of numerous articles and four books. Policy Paradox: The Art of Political Decision Making won the American Political Science Association’s Wildavsky Award for an Enduring Contribution to Policy Studies; it is now in its fourth edition and has been translated into five languages. Her other books include The Disabled State, about the origins and implementation of disability as a policy category; The Limits of Professional Power, a study of the German national health insurance system; and The Samaritan’s Dilemma, a call for harnessing altruism, rather than self-interest, as the moral engine of political life.

From the APSA and its affiliated sections, Stone has also received the 2013 Charles McCoy Career Achievement Award (New Political Science Section); the 2014 Grain of Sand Award (Interpretive Methods Conference Group); the 2000 Miriam K. Mills Award (Policy Studies Organization); a 2000 Mentor Award (Women’s Caucus). Other honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, appointment as a Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, a Robert Wood Johnson Individual Investigator Award, an Open Society Individual Project Fellowship, fellowships from Harvard Law School and the Harvard Program on Ethics and the Professions, and a German Marshall Fund Fellowship.

Stone is one of the co-founders and sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. In addition to academic publications, she has written for The American Prospect, NationNew RepublicBoston Reviewsalon.com, and some natural history magazines. She has served as a consultant to the Social Security Administration, the Institute of Medicine, the Office of Technology Assessment, and the Human Genome Project, and more recently, to The Asia Foundation Nepal, where she helped establish a public policy institute called Niti Foundation.

Stone holds a B.A. in Russian Studies from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Political Science from MIT. She has taught politics and public policy at Duke University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Brandeis University, where she held the Pokross Chair in Law and Social Policy until 1999, as well as holding visiting professorships at Aarhus University Yale University, Tulane University, and University of Bremen, Germany.