Apply to a 2017 Annual Meeting Dissertation Workshop

APSA will organize dissertation workshops on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, in San Francisco, in advance of the 2017 APSA Annual Meeting.

Each full-day workshop will include six PhD candidates who will present a dissertation chapter, along with two scholars who will lead the workshop and moderate discussions. The 2017 workshops will focus on Comparative Political Theory and U.S. Congressional Politics.

To participate, you must be an all-but-dissertation PhD candidate, having passed comprehensive exams and successfully defended a dissertation proposal. The application deadline is May 15, 2017. Apply here!

  • Dissertation Workshop on Comparative Political Theory
    This workshop will focus on research in the field of comparative political theory. Dissertations on a range of topics in the field are welcome. Before the workshop each student will share one draft of a dissertation chapter, and all participants will read each other’s work in advance and prepare detailed comments. The workshop will help students refine their work and form a network of peers in the field. See full workshop description.
  • Dissertation Workshop on U.S. Congressional Politics
    The goal of this workshop is to develop a network of emerging scholars working on issues related to U.S. congressional politics. Dissertations on a range of topics are welcome, including legislative institutions and processes, parties, gender and politics, leadership, and more. Before the workshop each student participant will share one draft of a dissertation chapter, and all participants will read each other’s work and prepare feedback. See full workshop description.

Learn more or submit your application here!