An Interview with Daron Shaw

The fourth interview in Let’s Be Heard! is with Daron Shaw. Professor Shaw has worked in several political campaigns as a survey research analyst. Shaw also served a5s a strategist in the 2000 and 2004 presidential election campaigns. He now teaches American government, campaigns and elections, political parties, public opinion and voting behavior, and applied survey research. He also serves on the national decision team for Fox News.

His interview highlighted these two points:

  • Political science has contributed many tools and concepts to the practice of politics, but they become conventional wisdom and the “point of origin gets lost.” We do a poor job of claiming ownership.
  • There are strong incentives not to get involved in researching certain issues, such as voter ID laws, because of the public attention and skepticism of the researcher’s political agenda.

Daron Shaw was interviewed by Steve Friess, who has written for Time, Politico, and many other outlets.

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