An APSA Fellow’s Journey from Down Under to the Hill

PSC 49 V2 CoverThe latest virtual issue of PS features articles written by alumni of the Congressional Fellowship Program (CFP) from 2010 to 2015. The CFP fellows serve yearlong placements in congressional and executive offices, and they chronicle their firsthand experiences in the pages of PS. Enjoy the full virtual issue here.

Congressional Fellowship Program: An APSA Fellow’s Journey from Down Under to the Hill

Jonathan SwanJonathan Swan, American Australian Association

“When I started out as a journalist, the story most troubling The Sydney Morning Herald newsroom had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with self-preservation. Several days into the job I arrived at work to see half a dozen reporters huddled around a colleague’s computer. They were reading an article about the crisis in American journalism. Yet another US newspaper had imploded. Later, I asked a colleague how worried I should be. “We’re on a time delay with America,” she said. What happens there almost inevitably echoes here.

About halfway through my second year in journalism I, too, huddled over a colleague’s computer screen. This time every journalist in the newsroom was crowded around one cubicle or other. Our CEO, Greg Hywood, had e-mailed Fairfax Media’s 10,000 employees, telling us to join a web conference. He announced in a live video message that about 1,900 staff would be made redundant…” Read More.

PS: Political Science & Politics / Volume 48 / Issue 01 / January 2015, pp 215-216