3 Reasons Why You Should Read the APSA eJobs Report if You Care about the Job Market

APSA Research analyzed job postings’ data from eJobs for the six-month period from July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. Here is what we found:

#1. The timing, number, and annual distribution of eJobs ads indicates it is a clearinghouse for academic positions in political science.

According to economists, clearinghouses provide opportunities to design solutions for complex matching markets where they may fail either employers or employees.

#2. Trends in academic subfields for new positions in political science are both surprising and not surprising.

Surprisingly, the market was not very heavily focused on methods. Departments called for experts on the politics of race and gender for nearly as many new hires, with each accounting for about 5% of ads. Unsurprisingly, IR, American, and Comparative Politics were the top subfields called for, accounting for over two-thirds (71%) of junior positions advertised.

#3. Most positions advertised at eJobs are tenure-track positions, but we do not know what percentage of these are filled each year (yet).

Three-quarters of the positions advertised on eJobs are tenure track, with nearly half of those at the assistant professor level (46%). However, we do not have data on what percentage of these positions are filled. Unfilled positions would inflate our counts and disguise variation in hiring trends. We hope to incorporate this data into our analyses soon.

Read the full report.